New Heaven Falls Blog – CHECK IT OUT!

So, in the midst of all the heroes and villains, DMFRHs and random stuff, you might have missed I wrote a book. I’m actually writing a series (whaddya know about that?!) that deals with Angels and mankind and God and ideas of faith, obedience, free will vs choice, and love and duty. Heavy stuff, huh? So I made a brand new blog called Falling From Grace, where we can discuss the weightier themes in the Heaven Falls series and leave the villainy over here. Today marks the first post of the sober stuff and it’s all about Disobedience. Check it out and drop a comment on the blog or let’s hash it out on the Facebook page.

As a note of thanks for supporting my many endeavors, I leave you with the Bartles & Jaymes guys–I think we share the same sentiments:


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