So long Old Friend

Tough day, boys and girls. Today I had to say goodbye to my sidekick and faithful companion, Rocky the WonderDog. Cancer and some other neurological stuff got the best of him. It’s too hard for me to say everything he was and everything I’ll miss. I’ll just say he was a good boy. Yes he was. Yes he was.

I’ll be back with my A to Z letter I, J and K. Promise. You just gotta give me a minute.

6 thoughts on “So long Old Friend

  1. Chris and Amanda and Family,
    We are so sorry to hear of your loss! I think it is the hardest thing that one who loves a good buddy has to go through. It will take time, we know this for sure… but we wanted you to know we are thinking of all of you at this time.
    Stay as STRONG as Rocky did 🙂
    Judy & John

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