The A to Z Blog Challenge…Again? #atozchallenge

It’s that time of year again where bloggers of all shapes, colors and hues shake off our wintery cloaks of Snuggies and Forever Lazies, grab those new recyclable Starbucks cups (which are realls just lids!) and start blogging in earnest. For 30 days. Then we go back in our dark holes.

That’s right, folks, Spring is here! And with it comes the A to Z blog Challenge—a blogging delight where thousands of people with random ideas and access to WiFi present our wares to you, the people (I say this with a Bane accent) to showcase our talent and cleverness with 26 topics, delivered alphabetically. I am one of those cave-dwelling, blog-writing denizens. If you recall, I did this challenge last year, during my 30 Days of Madness phase (we’re not doing that nonsense again) and begat my focus on villains. I’m back again, and like any good sequel, I’m gonna give you a twist.

I can’t hit you the same ole same old look-at-this-villain’s-villainy-isn’t he/she/it-villainous? schtick anymore. You’re hip to my jive now. I have to change it up. So I’m gonna give you heroes. Kinda. You really thought I was doing heroes, didn’t ya? Thought I got all soft, huh? Not a chance! We’re gonna take some heroes and look at their real villains, what really dogs them day in and day out. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Now, because I like to plan ahead (Sike! I joined the Blog Challenge like 37 minutes ago) and because I’m on vacation (I’m writing this from my tent outside Disneyland—I guess the Mouse is still bitter about that Peter Pan stunt at Disney World last year), I haven’t worked out all the kinks. What that means is, we both get to be surprised at what shows up on this blog. I can tell you this, the Avengers are first (because I watched the movie on the plane) and tomorrow, or later today, we’ll look at what really sticks in their craw. It’s a little more than Loki.

Catch ya tomorrow!

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