Back At It…Sorta

So I’m finally back at it. Kinda. I know, I know, you missed me. Hell, I missed me. And I’ve been a little busy: in these last few days I had a business trip and applied to grad school. You heard right: I. Applied. To. Graduate. School. See, I glanced at a calendar and realized that I have EXACTLY 24 days until I turn 40. Forty? When the hell did I get to 40?


Anyway, something said I should grow up a little bit and up my professional game. So I applied for a Masters of Science in Human-Centered Design and Engineering program, which is a formal way saying I’m trying to get a degree to be the dude who makes it easier for you to do what you do online. I think the University of Washington’s title is better. Provided everything goes well, I’ll learning some new stuff this fall. Fingers crossed.

And, for the second year in a row, I began my weight loss endeavors in earnest. This year though, I said to hell with exercise and P90X and all that bullshit. I decided to try a fool-proof, quick acting weight loss solution: the stomach flu. Yes folks, I’ve already lost 6 pounds and strengthened my core at the same time! I think I dropped 2 dress sizes in 36 hours! Not only that, I was energy-efficient too: my high fever allowed my wife to keep her coffee hot on my belly while the kids roasted marshmallows on my forehead. In addition to the expected side-effects, the high fever gave me some super-spectacular delusions: I apparently told my wife I couldn’t get up because I didn’t have the letter R to spell REACH (don’t ask).

In the midst of my fever-induced haze, I realized haven’t given you what you really come here for: villains. So I have a plan to fix all that. I’m gonna finish what I started, and together we’re going to get to that 100 villain threshold. First with Mayhem of the Mouse—I still have some leftover Disney-inspired baddies to review before I finish that series. Then we get back into the remainder of the Festival of Fiendishness—I have dozens of villains from comic books, movies, literature to go over before we’re all done.

And, provided my stomach gives up its war against food, all that starts tomorrow. Sorry so short, folks, but my weight loss plan demands my attention.


See ya!

4 thoughts on “Back At It…Sorta

  1. I hope you feel better soon!

    I too am in the process of applying to grad school – going for a Master’s of Social Work. It should be interesting to see how easily writing can be integrated with a job, a kid, and school. I’m guessing not very well.

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