Where the Hell Have I Been?

It’s been an interesting week, folks: my dog died, I’m working on postings for two blog tours, a marketing consultant I’d started working with told me I was speaking to the wrong people, and readers of my novel let me know my blog—this blog—wasn’t exactly what they expected when trying to connect with me.

I’m out of my element here…

First things first: my heart is heavy and I am sad. I have to bid farewell to the newest member of our pack—Laylah Redd, Rocky’s colorful sidekick, passed away yesterday. She pawed at the sky, let out a howl and was gone. Just like that. She hadn’t been with us long, maybe a month or so, but she left an indelible imprint on all of us and will be sorely missed. The Wife and kids cried for her, Rocky keeps looking for her, I can’t bring myself to get rid of her toys. Laylah was a good, good girl. Yes, she was. Yes, she was.

[sorry–just need a moment]

I had a really good conversation with a marketing consultant this week—she looked at my blog, my Twitter account, my Facebook fanpage, my Google+, my blood count, a urine sample, and my Amazon author page and concluded, correctly, I was a doing a fantastic job marketing to all the wrong people. Then I had a couple readers tell me the EXACT SAME THING! Dammit. I’ve talked about this idea before, this incongruity, with what exists in the pages of The Road to Hell and the stuff I post here. It is separate in my head; it is a hot mess to my readers.

What I saw was a connection between the darker side of the characters I write (hey, Lucifer is my protagonist, after all) and the twisted things I can bring through our exploration of villains, my abject frustration with DMFRH, and my unwavering commitment to actually destroying all things Disney. It all seemed like the same things to me.

For the readers of my book, yeah, not so much.

See I’d forgotten one important thing in this cycle of writing and blogging and promoting: connecting. Connecting with real live individuals who’d been touched by the words in that book. Finding those people whose lives had been impacted by my words on the page and sharing that experience with them. And if what I write here, if the way I approach my subject matter here interferes that connection process, something has to change.

But not this blog.

Crooked Letterz isn’t going anywhere. You might see some cosmetic changes to the site and the URL will probably get updated but this baby is here to stay. Truth is, I am having waaaayyyyy too much fun!

So I’m not stopping; I’m EXPANDING.

In the next couple weeks, you’ll see an official site for me as an author and for Sanford House Press, my publishing company. There you’ll get links to interviews, sneak peeks at new writing projects and the latest on my upcoming novels—particularly Come Hell or Highwater, the sequel to The Road to Hell—and my diatribes on the writing life. And I’m starting a Facebook fan page for the Heaven Falls series. Swing by there and join the discussion about the themes in the novels, the characters themselves, and whether I got it right or am totally insane.

So stay tuned. Be patient and stick with me. I’ll be back with another villain shortly and with news from the “formal” side of life.

Gotta run, boys and girls—can’t hold the brave face much longer.

5 thoughts on “Where the Hell Have I Been?

  1. I’m so sorry about your puppy. We found a stray and had her for three months. When we lost her it really hurt. It’s amazing how animals can get into your heart like that.

    I have just stumbled upon your book with the Orangeberry Virtual book Tours for August. I’m so sad to say that I volunteered to review it but Dora has many bloggers and I didn’t get picked for The Road to Hell but I can NOT wait to get this. It sounds fabulously intriguing!

    I hope the connecting gets easier for you. I’m pretty new to book blogging and amazed at all the information, and quite honestly overwhelmed by it most of the time but what it comes down to is, are you having fun? I know I am! Can’t wait to hear more from you.

    Ohh.. my daughter just turned 20. Good luck with the next few years. I was literally laughing out loud and had to quit drinking my coffee while reading DMFRH! Hilarious but sadly it gets worse. If you can even imagine that? 😉

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. Yeah, she got close to us pretty fast and it’s been a tough few days. I appreciate the support.

      You know, I’m always game for reviews: even though it didn’t work out for the Orangeberry Tour, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I can pass over a version if you like–just let me know what format works for you.

      I am having an AMAZING time with this blog! The darker stuff is fun, villains make the story happen and exploring them has really given me a tremendous amount of insight, both into the stories we all know and love, and everybody else. I’ll get back on track this week with a new post.

      Lastly, I’ve heard it gets worse with the kids. I just don’t want to believe it. Eventually, I’m going to put a book together for DMFRH to share with his own kids. Yay…

      • Oh my! If you put a book together I think you should share! I’m pretty book smart (as my dad would say) so he had to explain things over and over to me, I know he would get a kick out of reading this stuff! And then point at me and laugh I’m sure. And now I have my own daughter to shake my head at.

        You are too sweet. If you wouldn’t mind I’d love the Epub version or PDF! I absolutely just love the synopsis. Gods are going to be the next best thing! Zombies watch out. 😉

        I totally agree about villains. There is just something that lures you in. Quite literally! It just makes them delicious to read. I can’t wait to read more of your stuff, sadly work first, play later!

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